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Dynamic primitive triangles?

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  • Dynamic primitive triangles?

    I need to place a triangle next to a vertical slider, in which the top of the triangle follows precisely the slider's vertical position.

    The slider reports movement to a host controller. I could create the triangle out of images and have the host controller send the command "Set UserImages Value" as the position changes. However, the slider height is 100 pixels, and therefore would be 100 images. Also, there needs to be another triangle on the opposite side of the slider, so there would be 200 images total.

    I prefer to not involve the controller. Instead of using images, would it be possible to build the Genie program, 'Save As' ViSi, and then make a modification to generate primitive triangles with coordinate points in which the tops move with the slider position without the host controller involved?

    Here is an animated illustration of what I need to accomplish, with the slider's 'low' color matching the background and 'high' color matching the triangle colors:

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    Is the triangle at the other end of the slider static, or can it move? If it is static you can just generate 100 images, including both triangles, and use a user image to organise/manage them all.

    Yes, you can 'save as visi' and add the triangles yourself.


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      Thank you.