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Workshop 4 won't connect despite reply byte being sent from uLCD-32PTU

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  • Workshop 4 won't connect despite reply byte being sent from uLCD-32PTU

    I have a new uLCD-32PTU and USB programming cable and have not yet been able to connect Workshop4 to the display via the cable. Each time I try I get the message 'Device is not responding'

    I have attached a scope to the Tx and Rx lines and been able to break down the stream sent out and the reply received back, after reset the outgoing bytes from Workshop4 are 0x34 0x64 0x67 0x6c and I see an immediate response from the uLCD of 0x50 but then nothing more, the timing all fits a baud rate of 115,200 even though the display shows Comms 9600 (SPE2 rev 1.2, PmmC rev 4.1) Do these bytes make any sense to anyone? Is the 0x50 some kind of NAK? I obviously have the right port and data getting back. I have even tried sending these bytes from terminal and get the same reply 0x50.

    I have attached the trace (Red is the command from Workshop4 and blue is the response from the display)

    Any help would be gratefully received.
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    Hi Henry,

    The bytes are actually in ASCII. Please try a manual upload of the PmmC. See page 12 of the app note:

    General How to Update the PmmC for Picaso

    Also, please read page 3.

    Hope this helps and regards.


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      Thanks for your response, it seems to be working now. I don't know why but I have been able to reliably connect using a different USB set up (removing the docking station from my laptop)