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How to Properly Use the Visi Environment?

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  • How to Properly Use the Visi Environment?

    Total newb here for using the 4DGL Workshop. Two questions concerning the workshop:

    Picked up oLED-160-G2 display and have been playing with it (love it!) I've started a new VISI project and have been adding graphic elements to it, some are drawn and remain forever, some change - think gauge-type project. I have never seen anything show up on the example screen in the workshop. I've had to do all my troubleshooting by downloading the code into the screen and seeing what effect my changes have made. What is the point of having that example screen? Am I doing something wrong?

    I've also wanted to be able to check my data. Unlike some programming environments, I can't find a way to display my data to a "debug" type of window for troubleshooting purposes. This means that I have to text print the data to the screen while it runs - very messy! Have I missed something that can help me with that issue?

    Thanks everyone for your help in getting me up to speed!


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    Example screen? Do you mean the form display?

    Everything should show there.

    What version of Workshop are you using? Can you show a screenshot? Can you use file, zip project and attach it here.

    Printing to the screen and writing to the serial port are the 'current' debugging techniques. Printing to the screen often works best with a pause immediately after the print.


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      Thanks for the quick reply Mark!

      As opposed to wasting more of your time, I spent the better part of yesterday (home sick) searching the forum for ideas/resolutions to some questions I had beyond what I posted. I ran across a reply that you (Mark) provided another forum member pointing them toward some tutorials about strings (I still have some questions about that subject too.) It was there that I found some tutorials about the Visi project mode. (Please forgive me if I use terms that aren't familiar or are confusing to you.)

      I have apparently completely misunderstood what the form display was there for. I thought that it could show me what my coding would do before downloading it to the 160-g2 and I couldn't find a way to make that happen. Hopefully that explains my statement that "I have never seen anything show up on [it]."

      Am I correct now if I say that it's there to help develop what your screen will look like by dragging various widgets and such to it and then clicking the "paste code" button to create the proper code? That's what I got from the tutorial, and in playing with it, that seems to be the case. Can it do more than that?

      Thanks for helping me out,


      p.s. I just downloaded the workshop a few days ago, so I've got the newest version available.
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        Yes, the form display just shows you what the screen will look like when you run it. There is no 'simulation' (other than what you see during the build process).