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Custom Gauge or Graphics Element Design

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  • Custom Gauge or Graphics Element Design

    Any ideas on the correct starting points for developing custom gauges, etc? Feeling inspired after having seen this YouTube link...[/video]]

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    One approach would be the use of the user images widget in Workshop. The user images widget is a collection of images chosen and arranged arbitrarily by the user. You may think of a custom gauge as a sequence of images. For example the horizontal bar with around 30 divisions in the video can be created using 30 or more different images. You can use an external application to create these images (MSpaint maybe) then include them inside the user images widget. In ViSi Genie, the host can make the screen display a frame of the user images by sending the right command. In ViSi, you write the code in 4DGL for this.

    App notes for the user images widget:
    For the ViSi Genie environment - 4D-AN-D4010 ViSi-Genie User Images
    For the ViSi environment - 4D-AN-D3009 ViSi Images and User Images

    Hope this helps.