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file corruption FILE cause by the PmmC?

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  • ESPsupport
    The PmmC version is displayed in the comms tab in workshop.

    Also, when using SPE the current version is displayed on the default splash screen.

    From what you say it looks like you are currently using the R42 PmmC.

    What has been fixed in each PmmC release is described in the 'PmmC Notes' next to the PmmC download button on the product screen. eg

    I can't imagine how a sector could be 'destroyed'. The windows chkdsk utility, or its GUI equivalent should be able to spot any errors on the uSD card.

    Perhaps attach the file here, possibly we might be able to guess how it could get in the state it is.

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  • alou1984
    started a topic file corruption FILE cause by the PmmC?

    file corruption FILE cause by the PmmC?

    what is the R41 PmmC?

    Apparently For example Picasso there were some issues fixed in the R41 PmmC that could cause file corruption in certain situations.
    In my projet i use PmmC for ULCD 28 PTU version 42 and i have suspected sector destroyed on my uSD. How can i idenify thoses sectors by soft tool like uSDTester.?