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uTOLED-20-G2 MK2?

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  • uTOLED-20-G2 MK2?

    So a while ago, you ran along with some of these transparent OLED displays. Great little things, sadly I was never able to get my hands on 1 due to supply problems at various resellers. And now it appears that they have gone out of production. =(

    I got my hands on 1 of them recently though, lightly used, but still fine, and am proceeding to test it out with various ideas that I've been mulling around with ever since I saw the things available.

    However, finally getting to use 1, I have noticed some minor issues with visiblity on it when in a bright area. Troublesome to say the least. What I've come to the conclusion is that if possible, this thing (or future variations on the idea) should possibly be order-able with a matching sized "LCD" that can mount to it.

    It might not be an LCD that you are looking for. See in my experiments, what I've done is taken the viewport out of an "auto-darkening" welding helmet. Regularly quite see though, but at the hit of a button, it goes a solid color making the OLED much more visible in bright areas. I believe most of these helmets use basically a big single pixel LCD as the darkening, though I might be wrong.

    Just a stupid little thought from the peanut gallery. Really sucks that they're out of production. Could do some pretty awesome things with them and "heads up displays" for sports/airsoft.

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    Yes these went out of production around 2 years ago now, due to quality issues with the LCD's and trouble with supply. Unfortunately we had no choice but to stop production.

    We have no roadmap for replacing it at this stage, however we hope to have some sort of TOLED display available this year.

    I am unsure what you are meaning about a matching LCD. Please explain further.



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      Originally posted by James_4DSystems View Post
      I am unsure what you are meaning about a matching LCD. Please explain further.
      Sorry if it was confusing. And I do hope you guys get a new TOLED, cause assumign my project works to its fullest, I might need a stack of 40 or so (or more, who knows) was looking into buyign some from other outfits, but most of them all demand I buy 100 or more. (I don't have $20,000 to dump on a little project) The 1 of these I have had been bought by the previous owner off of sparkfun.
      Link to your own video of the product.

      If you'll notice this video was shot in a fairly dim room, with a black surface behind the screen maximizing visibility. Now what I'm doing with the 1 I got my hands on is building it into a helmet for the sport "airsoft". (although I coudl see this being a problem with anyone who will be using the screen, or similar ones on a bright sunny day outside.)

      A while ago, myself and a couple friends made a phone app to aid in the sport. It does fancy things like shows onscreen a map of the local area, positions of your teammates who also have the app on their phone. Its nice, good for organizing assaults and such over wide areas. Also has a few nifty features where a few people how are tagged as "squad leaders" can use their phone to draw on the map things to make commands clearer, or designate objectives, and it shares that with teammates. What I'm using the screen for is an expansion of that. Showing data to the user inside of their vision (actually up a little bit, but so far I can read it fairly well at the distance I have set it up)

      Problem, though I haven't played a game with it yet (still in testing), when I take it out in the field with a couple friends, its quite difficult to read the screen when its bright out. I can hold my hand up behind the screen to make it easier to read... but thats kinda beating the purpose, since my phone is already showing this data on my wrist. (why have a $200 accessory thats accomplishing nothing eh?)

      So my workaround was to rip apart an auto-darkening welding helmet. Which for all my knowledge, is a large single pixel LCD thats off when its not detecting bright light, and on when it is. And I have on order from a company that specially makes single pixel LCDs, a 2.4in single pixel LCD, thats transparent normally. Then when triggered goes dark (exactly like the welding helmet)

      So, I'm outside, I can't read the screen too well. Hit a little button in my hand. BOOM black background, blocking out the sun, making the screen easy to read. Let go of the button, no more black blocking my vision. But as of now, theres ~4 inches of wasted LCD sticking out (The 6 inch welding mask part) and when my new LCD comes in, there will be about a half inch sticking out in every direction.
      Other reasons for this. I know 2 of my friends want me to find them screens (I'm sure there are a handful of these still lurking around that I can get, even if they're out of production) they want the screen to show them their speed and lap times in dirtbike races (probably not too hard, but also runs into that brightness issue).
      Again, tried to find similar displays... but I can't buy 100 at a time, and hobby electronics resellers don't carry them so I can buy like 3-4 at a time.

      I realize that this probably isn't too realistic if you are doing another TOLED, since you'd have a stack of LCDs that precious few people would order with their TOLED. Its just a thought. I know that there are outfits that specifically make small LCDs that can accomplish this goal. But its just a thought, that if a future TOLED comes available. It woudl be nice if it were size matched to a transparent LCD, so one can buy both, and reliably use the screen in bright areas.


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        Wonder if there is anything on planning related to transparent OLED?


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          Hi Unict,

          Unfortunately, the uTOLED-20-G2 MK2 was discontinued several years ago. At the moment, we do not have transparent
          display solutions. If you are interested in our upcoming and newest products and promotions, you can subscribe to
          our mailing list by following this link:

          Thank you,