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  • raspberry pi video streaming


    I was wondering if it is possible to connect a raspberry pi to one of your products for the purpose of video streaming over TCP . We have done that successfully using the RCA output that comes with the device, but are looking for other options. Is there some sort of RCA to SPI converter, which would allow us to effectively use one of your displays as a screen for the raspberry?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and happy holidays.

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    Hello Carlos

    All our Intelligent Display Modules are not designed to be primary displays for the Raspberry Pi. They are designed to be programmed from our Workshop4 IDE and have a Host (The Raspberry Pi) interact with it, else put into Serial mode and have the Raspberry Pi tell it what to do using Serial Commands.
    Our products do no have RCA inputs or any analog inputs for video streaming.

    RCA to SPI converters I am not sure about, however this would still not achieve what you are wanting.

    You can use our displays as secondary displays to the Raspberry Pi, however they cannot be Primary displays, ie show your desktop etc.

    It is however possible to have the Raspberry Pi tell the Display to play a video, so in that respect it is possible, however not quite the intention you have if I read your message right. You are more looking for a primary display.
    Our Intelligent Displays have on board graphics processors and are not designed to be 'dumb' monitors for another device such as a PC or Raspberry Pi type device, they run their own operating system and user applications programmed in Workshop4.

    I hope this is of some help