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Question on TX/RX ports for use with uLCD-43PT

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  • Question on TX/RX ports for use with uLCD-43PT

    HI - I'm new to the uLCD-43PT so I apologize if this is a somewhat silly question. I am using a uLCD-43PT in a Arduino environment (MEGA 2560 R3). I wish to preserve the ability to post debug statements back to the Console in the Arduino IDE. By default the Arduino is using Digital pins D0/D1 for communication back through the USB to the IDE (as it does when loading a sketch down into the Arduino). As it stands right now I need to unplug the uLCD-43PT cable from the Arduino uLCD-43PT shield to be able to download a sketch, then plug in the uLCD-43PT and restart the Arduino. I have tried swapping the pins on the shield to D2/D3 and using Serial 1 by using the Serial 1 option in the genieBegin() call

    // a few options to talk to the Display, uncomment the one you want
    // genieBegin (GENIE_SERIAL, 115200); //Serial0
    genieBegin (GENIE_SERIAL_1, 115200); //Serial1

    but when I do this I free up the Arduino IDE to communicate with the uLCD-43PT without unplugging it however the uLCD-43PT fails to see any communications form the Arduino sketch (which works fine when I use D0/D1).

    I feel I am missing an obvious step but for the life of me can't see what it is. Also, I fail to see how UART ports 3 and 4 (GENIE_SERIAL_2, GENIE_SERIAL_3) are utilized with the uLCD-43PT shield since the jumpers only support D0/D1 or D2/D3.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Pete

    Most of the 4D Team is on Holiday, so I will attempt to answer.

    The Arduino Shield Adaptor is not designed to provide you with every single option possible, ie to easily move jumpers to select all the combinations of serial ports possible on all the various Arduino versions out there on the Market. If you want to select another serial port that is not normally supported by jumpers, simply remove the 2 jumpers associated with TX and RX and put a Female-Male jumper from the centre pin of the jumper to the suitable header pin on the Arduino. This will then allow the shield to be used with any pins you want to on your Arduino.

    I cant think of why Serial1 is not working for you. All I can think of is that you need to check your wiring and jumper settings and check continuity with your multimeter to make sure you have a connection going where you think it goes, and then check your sketch to make sure you have Serial1 selected appropriately and dont have Serial1 used for anything else in your sketch etc. Also post your sketch if you wish for better support.

    You could also plug your 4D Programming Cable/Adaptor into the Arduino Adaptor via jumper wires and use a serial terminal and sniff what is coming out, to make sure that you have comms coming out as you expect etc.