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    what is the difference between a fancy button and a user button?
    have they different functions?

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    The appearance of a fancy button at each state is predefined or limited by Worskhop. On the other hand, the appearance of a user button at each state is defined by the user. See the following comparisons between a *momentary fancy button and a momentary user button.

    A momentary fancy button (or win button):

    up state (when not pressed):

    down state (when being pressed):

    Note that the down state is darker, which gives the impression that it is depressed. This state or frame is automatically generated by Workshop.

    Two examples for a momentary user button:

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

    Note that down or pressed state appearance is a different image. This is because for user images you specify the image files to be used for each state.

    A momentary button is active when pressed, and is non-active upon release. This is the default config for buttons in Workshop. Another config is toggle - a toggle button is active when pressed and released, another touch-and-release is needed to deactivate it. Physically, momentary - doorbell button, toggle - light switch.

    In terms of functionality both buttons are the same.

    The discussion above is derived from 4D-AN-P4004 ViSi-Genie Advanced s and 4D-AN-D4006 ViSi-Genie User . Please consult these app notes for more info.