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  • Color bug in

    I just installed the new version and I am pretty sure this is a new bug (I didn't see it before I upgraded).

    Scrolling through files now with the /*...*/ comment style will not always correctly apply the proper coloring to the code lines. I am guessing that the IDE recognizes the opening /* because all code on the screen will change to the comment color. Scrolling to a certain point will correct the coloring (again, I'm guessing it recognizes the */).

    I can just scroll back and forth and watch the code coloring change back and forth.

    It seems to do this when scrolling with the mouse wheel or clicking the scrollbar. However, if you use the text cursor and arrow keys to move through the file, it appears to work correctly.

  • #2

    Yes, we are aware of that issue.

    Actually I have seen it in almost every editor I have ever used from all vendors (I'd say including Eclipse, but that doesn't 'add much' for me) it seems a constant battle for editors to work out just what the comment state for multi-lined comments is 'before the top of the displayed page'.

    Thanks for reporting it.