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Rx and Tx pin on the uLCD-32PTU

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  • Rx and Tx pin on the uLCD-32PTU

    Hi all. Can I change the Tx and Rx pin in the genie Library? I do not own a breakout board for the uLCD-32PTU. So i connect it to my Arduino on a breadboard. but i encounter a very serious problem. If i want to upload code to Arduino Uno. I need to plug out the tx and rx pin on the touch screen. Is that anyway that changes the rx and tx to other pins? (for example D7, D8 on Arduino).

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    Hello AMercerV3

    The Arduino Uno only has 1 hardware serial port, so you are limited to what that is capable of.
    Since the Serial port on the Uno is Serial0, this is shared between pins 0 and 1, and also the USB. So if you are to program the Uno then you have to disconnect anything else you have on serial0 (ie the 32PTU Display) else that will receive the same programming commands as your arduino and will reply back with NAK's etc since it doesnt understand it, and will disturb the programming process. This will be the same for any device you plug into an Arduino Serial0, you would need to disconnect when programming the Uno.

    If you use something like an Arduno Mega, then that has more hardware serial ports, so you can use Serial1, 2 or 3 for connecting to the display and leave Serial0 for the USB.

    So the limitation is not with the library, its totally due to the fact that the Uno only has 1 serial port.

    You cannot use the SoftwareSerial library for the display either as SoftwareSerial does not support Interrupts, which are required by the library to work correctly, so your only option is to use hardware serial ports, and therefore you have to disconnect the display from the Arduino when you program it.