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Nesting Process for Timer Events

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  • ESPsupport

    They are all of equal priority and they will be nested. The nesting will occur at the next 4dgl statement.

    You can prevent the nesting using sys_EventsPostpone() and sys_EventsResume() if that's what you want.

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  • kenjustken
    started a topic Nesting Process for Timer Events

    Nesting Process for Timer Events

    I need to generate a pretty accurate clock on one of the GPIO pins and I have a couple of different ways of doing this. One is to use one Timer Evnt to generate the interrupt that I need to toggle a pin. However, the question I have is nesting. If I am in one TimerEvent thread and I get another Timer Event, will the second one be delayed until the first one is done? Or is this priority based where Timer Event 0, for instance, is the highest priority and will always be taken?