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Repeating color picker colors from numeric values?

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  • Repeating color picker colors from numeric values?

    I am creating a bunch of forms with different colors, and for some "coordinated accents" I am trying to use a stock 4DGL color, and then a second accent by just decreasing the luminosity a bit.

    When I quit and return, of course there are no saved colors in my "recent colors" palette, so I can't re-create the color that way. But clicking on an object that does have the color used, I get a numeric value of some sort. Trouble is I don't know how to decrypt it to re-use it for another object.

    In the object browser I'll see a color listed like this:

    If I click on that color to bring up the color picker I get a value like this:
    Color 565 0x71C4(14,14,4)

    I've attached a screenshot example of my color picker.

    I've tried to manually enter similar values in the Hue/Sat/Lum & R/G/B, but no luck.

    Anyone know how or where to re-enter these values, using Visi-Genie, to get the color back? Did I miss this in the docs somewhere?


    --Jon Attached files

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    In the object browser you get the Windows Color, in this case 0x213b74, which corresponds to B=0x21, G=0x3B, R=0x74, or B=33, G=59, R=116, which is what you can see in the lower right of the colour picker.

    That's what you need to type in, then click OK. All the other values derive from that, so to speak.


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      Thanks Mark, that makes total sense.

      Obviously I need to brush up on my hex to see that.