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  • Raspberry PI main display

    Is it possible to setup the 4d Systems uLCD-32w-PTU-PI as the main display for the rPI? I would like to use this as a touch screen to the system. I have read the appnote 4D-AN-P4023 and that explains how to setup the display as a slave. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Ray

    No, the uLCD-32WPTU-PI can not be a primary display / monitor for the Raspberry Pi. It is not designed for that purpose. It is designed to run compiled 4DGL code designed in Workshop4, which you then interact with using your Raspberry Pi.

    You could talk to it over Serial and potentially get touch co-ordinates from the display which you then use in your Pi code. In terms of actually displaying the desktop of the Pi on the display however, that is a different story. The display is not intended to be a monitor and isnt designed for that purpose. You could get your Pi code to send serial data and blit the desktop as an image to the display, however you would need to determine if that is suitable for your application as it wont exactly be a speedy procedure in terms of refresh rate.