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    Hello everybody,

    I´m using Visi Genie and an Arduino and I made a screen attached to this post.

    Over the big digits is a blank userbutton. If I touch one of them I can chanche the values with the key pad.

    If you push the "activate all" button, the values are written in the small digits next to the big digits.
    i did that, cause I first want to chanche al values befor activating them (these are 5 aktuators positions an traveling speed)

    This was not so easy for an newbee like me but now everything works fine. There ist just one thing I want to do. But I havent found a solution for that problem.

    The active digit schoud blink, like adjusting a clock. Or chanche color or something else, that a user always knows, which digitfield is active.

    Thanks for your help!
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    The only way you could make anything appear to blink would be to periodically send something from the arduino.

    Maybe you could stick an LED next to everything and just turn on the active one.