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IDE Genie PC lockup when attempted abort upload to display.

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  • IDE Genie PC lockup when attempted abort upload to display.

    Now using Workshop v4.2.0.15 when attempting to abort application upload to uLCD 43DT display, when the option to upload the uSD images prior to flash update, clicking on the "close window" box (only option to abort) Windows XP Prof SP3 locks up and the PC must be restarted. Only warning message I could coax out of it while attempting to restart the application is "Open Files". Apparently, the files to be uploaded were left open and hung the OS. I needed to abort as I realized when upgrading from .10 to .15, I had not yet uploaded the PmmC and was concerned the new software on the old v16 PmmC would cause a big mess. Turns out, the abort caused a bigger mess.

    This happened once on when first installing a PmmC upgrade and had the wrong display connected. I wanted to keep a working "reference" display for unexpected design reviews with the customer where I would need something stable to show as the last stable version.

    This system really needs a way to cleanly abort an upload.

    Thanks for your attention to this,
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    I'm unsure where this 'close window' box is. The 'Copy Confirmation' window has a 'No Thanks' button and I've never seen it cause an OS hang up.

    Can you paste a screencopy of the offending window?