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Selecting a specific image in UserImages object

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  • Selecting a specific image in UserImages object

    Is there a way I can call a specific image in this object (I assume the images are stored in array of some sort)

    If not, when will this be available.


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    The images are indexed as you add them to the object in the Image List editor window. The index numbers are in the first column. For example, see page 17 of

    On page 35 of the same app note you will see how a specific image or frame of an object is "called" using the GTX tool. Here you can see the command and parameter bytes sent to and received from the display, with your PC acting as the host.

    If your host is an Arduino you can refer to

    On page 31 it is shown how to display the frame of an object knowing its type and index. The example used is a cool gauge, the index of which is 0x00, and the value being written to it is that of the variable "gaugeVal". This is of course using the Genie-Arduino library.

    If you have other questions, the application notes may help you:

    Hope this helps.