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  • micro SD problem


    I bought 2GB uSD card made by 'Transcend'.

    I paritioned it and formatted it like is written in: Application Note: 4D-AN-P1001.

    But the display is show nothing, i have an old 1GB 'Sandisk' that working, so the harware is fine.

    Is there any known problem with 'Transcend' cards?


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    Neither of the two Transcend cards I have work properly in a Windows SPI mode reader and nearly all issues we get of this kind are with the Transcend brand.

    They are best avoided with our modules due to known issues.


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      Thanks, which brand except Sandisk you can say should work ?


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        We have not seen a SanDisk that didn't work, of course they might not be available in your area. We sell Phison from our site, because we have tested these and we know they are coming direct from the manufacturer, not through some third party chain that we have no control over.

        With the most recent PmmC release we know of no cards that 'should work' but don't.

        You really have to try what you can get locally, but be aware that many manufacturers just 'badge engineer' their cards and buy from, I guess, whomever is the cheapest today, so what you buy tomorrow might be different again.

        Kingston cards were originally made by Toshiba, but in recent times they have been made by Samsung. We have seen Samsung cards with adjacent cards 'off the shelf' manufactured in different countries.

        In the last year we have seen 4 different 'revisions' of firmware on the Samsung cards, and not always for the better in our view.


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          The 2GB SD cards are starting to be hard to find.

          And if i'm looking in the application notes it says only use 2GB with the GOLDELOX.

          Do 4DSYSTEMS is going to modify the firmware/hardware for 4Gb and higher?


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            Um, where did you see that?

            Goldelox can only 'access' the first 4GB of a card, but it can use and SD or SD-HC card


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              Saw it here: "uOLED-96-G2-Product-Brief-REV1" doc, section #5


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                When I looked at that doc it says

                "Supports up to 2GB micro-SD as well as micro-SDHC memory cards starting from 4GB and above."

                Perhaps an unnecessary stating of the SD to SD-HC boundary, but I see nothing that says that 2GB is the max size it supports.