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    Hi all,
    I'm a new user, i have a 7 inches display. I would like to install it on an audio amplifier, so I would visualize some analog values on a vu meter. Which is the best way? I mean, after reading some docs I understand I cannot use Visi Genie... Can I use 4D Visi? If yes, can I associate an analog input to a gauge?
    Thanks in advance

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    You would have to use ViSi and read the analogue pin in a loop. Have a look at the Picaso Thermometer sample, you can pretty much use the same code with a meter.

    You would replace the numx setting with an analogue read.

    Have a play with it to ensure your expectations can be met, a 7" vu meter will not 'jump around like crazy', it will only be updating ~1.5 times a second. Making each VU smaller will make them faster.