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  • Setting up data entry

    I am looking for some ideas how I can set up a Phone book page.

    What I need is a list where the user can add, edit or remove one of 5 phone numbers on screen

    Ideally, there would be a contact name and number (edit for each) but I could live with a simple list 1-5.


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    Look at meldavia answer in here


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      I have looked at the link you gave but still cannot see how this is implemented on screen.

      The labels and strings don't appear to have a ON clicked/ON selected event to know which number I want to add, edit or remove.

      Adding new number might be ok as I can simply append it to the list in my host and write the new string back to screen. But I cannot see how I select say number 3 and edit or remove it?

      Even if I have a text component for each number, I still need to select the one I want to work with on screen.

      There does not seem to be support for a list box or a combo style box for selection. I was even considering making each number a BUTTON and they lick it and then a menu pops up and the select edit or remove. Then my host changes the text on the button (blank it or show edited value), but this seems a bit crude, I am sure others must have done this sort of thing or the display would not be valuable in many applications.


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        There's a listbox here See how you like that


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          Thanks for the link Mark,

          How do I drop this onto my Genie form and link to the select event?


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            Well, you don't, it's a bit like converting a command line program into a GUI program, most of it's still there, it just needs reorganising quite a bit.

            Initial draw would go to a postactivateform object and the various handlers would go to mouse events. Have a go and see what you can come up with


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              I am using Visie Genie. I was asking about how I could use components to set up a list for user to add, edit and delete phone numbers. I cannot find much information that helps understand how to add this code functionality to Visie Genie. I have seen the Magic objects and events and hoping to be able to at least use the example snippet in my application to bring up a keypad to enter lines of text and send to host when enter selected.

              I suppose by mouse events you are referring to your an analogy of if we were writing code for PC software, However, I do not see mouse events in Genie. I see only on changed event for text, but I cannot change it until I select it.

              I think the simplest way is that I will have a list of holders and place 2 buttons to move selection up and down through the list, then and Add and Remove buttons to change the number or delete it. This should work as long as I can show highlighted text (ie.. have control of the font in Genie from my host using the serial commands).


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                Sorry, meant Touch events, duh.

                We'll see if we can come up with an example.


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                  Thanks Mark,

                  I am happy for my host to handle the processing. The entire application is a temperature monitoring alarm that sends alert up to 5 mobile phones when over temperature.

                  On the main screen I set up led digits with current temperature,

                  This is the easy bit that is working ok.

                  I have set up a button to access "Phone Book" and another for "Alarm Setting"

                  For alarm setting, I will either try to implement the copy of code from the Magic Keypad example, or I will place a slider and let them move the slider up and down to the set point (The thermometer would have been good but it only has 1 trip point and I need both a high and low).

                  I think if I do something simple, I can handle the alarm setting ok.

                  It is the user interface from screen for the phone book that I need the help. We have a maximum of 5 numbers that start off blank. The user then can ADD a new number and each time they add a new number, it goes into the next position in the list. This I could do with a button and string "Book" style.

                  The main issue is now they want to remove or change a number, I need them to be able to select the number and edit or remove function.

                  I do not need the display to keep track of the numbers etc, I can fill the boxes whenever the form is activated from form0 "phone Book" button click.

                  The main think I need is the graphical interface, my host just needs to know which item (the index) is to be edited or removed and I can then activate another form to perform the edit or delete of that item. (A keypad with edit box and one of the keys can offer the "delete" function)


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                    By the way, do the led Digits only handle positive integers? ie. I cannot use them to display values below 0 Degrees C


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                      Editing a comment
                      In the most recent releases of Workshop you can turn on support for -ve leddigits display in the project tab

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                    Hi orbit,

                    I've attached a sample that shows a listbox using ViSi-Genie Magic
                    Attached Files


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                      Thanks for the sample. How do I use it?

                      I opened the code and see a blank screen.

                      How do I lay out GUI without seeing where the list box is, and what object ID and index do I use in my serial host commands?


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                        Hi Orbit,

                        I will send a new sample with print on a string object, delete, up and down buttons for list selection. Sorry for the late reply


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                          Thanks Symon, that will be very helpful to me at this beginner stage of my experience with 4D displays.


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                            I've attached a sample. In this sample you can print up to 3 numbers in the list, with a corresponding button for each number. You can press UP and DOWN to select through the list. And if Delete is pressed the selected number will be deleted, then you can print again a number.

                            Hope this helps
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