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  • Dead screen?

    My new 7.0DT display showed up in the mail a few days ago. Once I hooked it up it did something different than the 3.2PTU I have. The screen on the 7.0DT would blink black to white 7 times and then load the software.

    I began creating some widgets and loading them onto the display and the touch function seemed to work fine. However, now the lower 2/3 of the display seems is solid white. I've been able to interact with objects in the portion of the screen though, so the display recognizes touch in this region but nothing more than that.

    Re-loaded PmmC R10, blank projects, checked connections and nothing. Also tried updating to an older PmmC and display driver and when performing a manual update to I would receive an error "Unexpected response from display:- 0"

    I'm sure it is toast and I'm forwarding this post to the support guys.... but if there is somehow a solution, please let me know.



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    Hmm, the blinking might be due to insufficient power reaching the display (the 7" display is very close to the USB power limit) and this might be causing the weird screen status, although I have never seen it like that, which is what makes me think there is a power supply issue during initialization

    Have you got another Power supply you can try?

    As for the PmmC and Display driver... Are they now back to Diablo16-R10 and uLCD-70DT-A-D140105?


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      Hey Mark,

      Yes the PmmC and Display Driver are now R-10 and D140105. I re-installed workshop and I did not get the PmmC load error anymore. I plugged it into an external power source also and it did not blink anymore. However, half the screen is still unresponsive.