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  • uOLED boot time

    I am interested in using your small OLED display modules to display animations in a specific fashion. I need a display device that can remain off or in a low power state for long periods of time, and immediately display an animation/video stored on an SD card as soon as power is restored. Playback will loop until power is removed. My question is: What is the minimum boot time I could expect for your uOLED-128-G2 before I could expect the animation to begin to display if a simple script was written to do this upon start-up? Thanks.

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    If you completely powered down the display it would take a tad under 3 seconds (depends on uSD 'init' time) before you would start seeing the video

    If you had the display permanently powered (~14ma) and used an I/O line to indicate whether it should be 'quiet' or displaying a video, the startup of the video would be pretty much instantaneous.