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All controls are freaking out when plugged into Arduino

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  • All controls are freaking out when plugged into Arduino

    Hello, I have the new 70dt. A month ago or so, I was having an issue with the buttons freaking out. It was like they needed a major debounce. I would slightly touch them or hold my finger on them and they would flip on and off randomly/constantly.

    I posted on that and was informed that it was a known issue with the right side of the screen and there was a fix for it. I confirmed it is only the right side of the screen, did the update and the problem went away.

    Then, I spent some time building my display, with it hooked directly up to my computer through the 4D usb adapter. Everything was/is working great that way. However, when I hook it up to my Arduino, ALL of the controls freak out again like before. Only, it is not just the right side of the screen and I have done the updates. Buttons, toggles, etc.. all do it. If I hook the screen back up to my computer directly, it works fine again. It is only through the Arduino.

    I have not implemented all of the items yet in my Arduino code. I am only doing one genieWriteObject and one genieReadObject so far and I tried commenting those out so I was only doing power and serial but it was still doing it.

    Any ideas? I am wondering if the Arduino power cannot source everything that the 70DT needs?



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    Without getting into what in your Arduino code might be upsetting things, the first thing to do is power the display by the uSB cable, which can be achieved connecting the usb cable to the adapter, see the description in the datasheet.

    There are probably very few Arduino's that can power a 70DT directly


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      I can confirm that when the display is hooked up to USB directly, the display acts fine. I suspect power as well because I have the code in the Arduino very is not doing anything at the moment aside from serial setup meaning nothing is running in the loop.

      What I cannot understand is my PC has a 500mA limit on USB. I am using an Arduino Due which also states a 500mA limit to be sourced out. However, I understand that other things in the Arduino also draw from that. There is enough power to obviously power up the screen but maybe it is just shy of what the screen needs and causing the controls freak out?

      I will try tonight to power the screen from a separate supply while still having the serial hooked up to the Arduino to see what happens and I will report back.



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        The display will 'brown out' rather gracefully, the uSD card from which all the images are read will not, this will cause all sorts of image issues and potentially weird and then 'apparently dead' display issues.

        Once the uSD voltage has dropped to this point the uSD and the display will probably require a full power cycle to get them to work again