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SOMO-II, frequency response and startup time playing MP3.

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  • SOMO-II, frequency response and startup time playing MP3.


    I'm planning to build a small MP3 player to play small test-files for audio measurements.
    And I'm looking at the possibilities of the SOMO-II, because it's small and affordable.

    Could someone tell me the following, because the spec sheet of the SOMO-II doesn't provide it:

    - what is the frequency response of the SOMO-!!?
    - how long does it take to the SOMO-II to play a small MP3 file (say 100kB) after receiving the "Play" command?
    - how is the overall sound quality (distortion) of the SOMO-II?
    - someone have any idea how to make the stereo output balanced (trough XLR connectors)?

    Any help on this will be much appreciated.

    Greetz Webbie...
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    Analog Devices has an IC to convert single ended to balanced output:
    Link to datasheet:


    • Webbie
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      Hello rcbandwidth,

      Thank you for your reply it's much appreciated.

      I hope someone of you have the answers on my other questions.

      Greetz Webbie...

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    I've ordered the SOMO-II last week en recieved it yesterday.
    I had hopes the SOMO-II was suitable for my application, signals to 22kHz (absolute minimal 21kHz).
    The 4Dsystems support never responded to my questions, so I gambled :-(

    Today I've found out the the frequency respons stopped at 20kHz, see link below of a screenshot measuring the left and right channel of the SOMO-II module.

    Maybe the 20kHz is limited by some SMD components on the u-disk, and can maybe altered?.
    If someone of this forum or the support of 4Dsystems has an idea/advise to over come the 20kHz problem I'll would be very hear it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Greetz Webbie...

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      Unfortunately your questions were difficult to answer, you are asking analogue type questions of a digital device.

      What is the sampling rate of your test sample?

      The SOMO-II can go up to 48KHz, what happens if your test uses that sampling rate?