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Different status for Read Object Status of Form0 vs other forms

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  • Different status for Read Object Status of Form0 vs other forms

    For my application, I've chosen to poll all of the forms that have been implemented. I have Form0...Form4.

    My goal is to implement a function that can determine if a particular form is displayed or not. After some experimentation
    I found that by reading object status for a specific form results in a report object status msg with LSB value set to 1 if displayed or 0 if not displayed.
    The documentation does not specifically indicate this is the way to poll for active forms or state of a form, but I thought it reasonable and through
    experimentation have come to this conclusion.

    It doesn't appear that Form0 responds this way. When I poll for all the other forms (form1...form4) I get
    the desired effect. However, reading object status of form0 always returns 0 in the LSB.

    I would appreciate confirmation that my conclusion is right and why it may not work with form0?

    If this is not the right approach to poll the state of a form, how can I determine which form is active, without using ReportEvent for each form?


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    Upon further experimentation it appears that Read Object Status on a form ignores the object index and returns a Report Object status with the active form's object index....even better if this holds up.



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      That is what it is designed to do, so it will 'hold up'