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Set default baud rate on uLCD43

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  • Set default baud rate on uLCD43

    I need to set the touchscreen to 115200 baud and have it come up at that baud rate. Is there a way to do this? I'm using a pair of bluetooth modems and their native baud rate is 115200 so if I can get the touchscreen to come up at 11500 I won't have to issue any commands to the modems at all since they are set up to connect to each other as soon as they are turned on. As far as I can tell there is no way to set a different default baud rate on the modems so I need to do it on the touchscreen.


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    What platform are you using?

    For Genie, you set the baud rate in the project tab and rebuild your project.

    For Serial, you set the baud rate in File, Options, Serial and reload the SPE/

    For Designer and ViSi you set it in your program.