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Coding with uLCD-70DT

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  • Coding with uLCD-70DT


    I have two relatively simple questions I'm hoping someone can help me out with.

    I'm using a uLCD-70DT and designing in Visi view.

    Question 1: How do I hide/show images(static text) and can I pass those commands serially (RX/TX) from an Arduino?

    I figured something like this would work but it doesn't show anything.
    HTML Code:
    img_Enable(hndl,iStaticText) ;
    img_Disable(hndl,iStaticText) ;
    Question 2
    : How do I switch from Form 1 to Form 2 through serial commands (RX/TX) from an Arudino?


    PS: Also just a side note I cannot seem to access the application notes anymore

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    1. Is the image showing ok? If not there is an error somewhere else in your code.
    To remove an image you need to 'blank it out' using code, a filled rectangle over the top of it works.

    2. At the start you said ViSi, now you seem to be asking about sending Serial Commands to Genie. If you were using Genie, wouldn't you be using the Library?

    That URL works just now for me, is it still broken for you?


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      Yes, the image shows up when I simply do a "img_Show(hndl,iStaticText);"

      Right now what I'm doing is:
      HTML Code:
      img_Show(hndl,iWelcomeText) ;
      And then redrawing my constant elements. This seems a little overkill which is why I was wondering what the "img_Enable/img_Disable" do then?

      For my second question, I figured there would be a serial library I can use that has read/write commands from an Arudino UART? I noticed there was a Genie Arduino Serial library that I could also use the same commands with Visi?

      Also, some application notes don't work for me still.


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        As the manual says it enables and disables the image within the image control, it 'cannot' change anything already displayed on the screen. The display is 'two dimensional', there is no concept of layers.

        you can use gfx_RectangleFilled() to just clear part of the screen.

        The Serial library for Diablo has not yet been released.

        So what happens with these app notes? Sometimes the work and sometimes they don't? What browser are you using and are you just clicking on them from the main app notes page, or something else?


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          OK, I will try the gfx_RectangleFilled() to cover things up.

          Uh oh, I didn't realize there was no serial library for my LCD. Does this mean I cannot serially communicate between my Arduino and LCD using Visi? So none of the stuff in the 4D-AN-P4018 will work for me (i know that's using the Genie interface)?

          Sorry if my questions are a bit stupid.

          Also, the application notes are now working. It took some time but they came back up.


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            There certainly is a library for Genie and the Ardiuno


            I was thinking your wanted a library for the Serial Environment


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              I got scared for a second there!

              So I guess I'm switching to Genie environment now.

              Quick question about that actually, can I use the Timer to change forms? There doesn't seem to be an event. If not, is there a way to change forms without any manual input like a button.

              Thank you for your help!


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                You can send a Genie Serial command to change forms.

                You can also change forms on a pin state change.