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    Hi Mark,

    Problem solved...Thanks.

    We just ordered two more units for production prototypes. We will update those. When we go into production, which is several months away, will the units have the latest driver or should we update them?

    By the way, I just received an Email from Google that the mail I sent you has been delayed. It said delivery will be retried for 2 more days. Didn't say why.


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      It depends a lot upon where you purchase displays from and how much stock they have, so you will probably need to check your displays when they arrive.

      I wonder what Google is up to. I've got 10 emails so far with today's date on them.


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        One more question. The video is playing at half the speed. If I change the frame delay from 33 to 15 will this fix it. I wonder because when I tried that the addresses are the same and I thought they would change. I can't test this as I am home now and don't have a display here. It is almost midnight and I'm going to bed.

        Thanks, Al


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          Try adding
          gfx_Set(FRAME_DELAY, 0) ;

          The display can transfer around 1,200,000 pixels per second from the uSD to the screen. (i.e. it is not a 'video player')

          The frame delay will result in about half that rate due to the delay which occurs after each frame has been rendered.


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            I set it from 33 ms to 10 ms and the length of play went from 16 to 10 sec. It normally runs in about 8 sec. Quite acceptable for our purpose.

            One other question. If a speaker is connected will the audio on the video track be played?



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              Audio is totally separate to video. You need to 'put' the audio in a .WAV file and start playing it just before you play the video.

              Playing audio will slow the video down a bit more, so you will probably need to reduce or remove that 10ms delay.

              Since the .wav file needs to be on a FAT file system you will also need to change your video to be FAT, or partition a card into a FAT and RAW partitions (FAT must be first) and offset your RAW media commands into the start of the RAW partition.


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                Thanks Mark,

                We had a meeting about that today and decided on no audio since there is not room for a speaker anyway. The help will be visual only. In a loud factory no one would hear it anyway.

                Everything is working great and everyone who has seen it likes it. I'm very pleased we found you guys.