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Diablo16 SPE - Preliminary Release HERE

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  • Diablo16 SPE - Preliminary Release HERE


    We apologise for the delay in the release of WS4 with Diablo16 SPE support.
    We have had some reported unrelated issues which are currently being worked on, and we didn't want to release WS4 and then re-release a week later.

    However, for those of you waiting on WS4 Diablo16 Serial SPE support, you can download a version of WS4 here which supports it.

    Please note, this is not an official release, it is just for those of you who wish to get started with Diablo16 and the Serial Environment.

    An official release will be out in about a weeks time.

    Release notes for this version:

    Workshop Buad rate of 200000 for Genie and Serial to enable Arduino to communicate at speeds >56000 baudAdded Diablo SerialAdded uCam-II Fixed Only first 5 ColorPicker 'recent colors' can be selected correctlyFixed Prevent crash when rotary switch has less than two positionsFixed Prevent crash when slider 'too narrow'Fixed Edits of width/height on coolgauge behave oddly, reset when movedFixed prevent Handler being added where none possibleFixed Paste for keyboard fails if keyboard has fill fileFixed PF1 on Genie program not jumping to correct page