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Interacting Between uLCD-43PT and PIC24F

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  • Interacting Between uLCD-43PT and PIC24F

    Hey Everybody,

    I am trying to create a product that utilizes communication between a uLCD-43PT and a PIC24F. I want to prompt the user for 4 different items using 4 unique Winbuttons. I can read the button push on the PIC24F based upon the 6 bytes that are transmitted from the uLCD-43PT to the PIC24F. But I have a "BACK" Winbutton on the next Form1 that takes the user back to the previous screen, Form0, in case the user changes his/her mind.

    The problem is that the PIC24F has already received the user's input. The PIC24Fis already executing other code, and I cannot go back to inquire if the user has pressed the BACK button. I would have to sit there and poll the PIC24F to see if the BACK button has been pressed. This will prevent the PIC24F code from doing anything else.

    How do I suspend transmission of the Winbutton press?

    This device is going to be used to process a credit card for payment. How to I change the window back to Form0 after the credit card has been processed?



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    Err, isn't the problem more complicated than that? If you've already accepted their input and started processing how are you going to be able to get told if they have changed their mind.

    You really need an 'OK' button to accept the input and a 'back' button if they change their mind. Then you will be waiting until they press either button and the problem goes away.

    When the credit card has been processed you just send the 'set form' command to the display


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      Dear ESPsupport,

      So basically, after the user selects one of the 4 Winbuttons, I need to have a subsequent Form with a CONFIRM or BACK button. Therefore, the amount is transmitted to the PIC24F only after the amount is CONFIRMED. If the user selects BACK, then they have the opportunity to change the amount prior to CONFIRMing and sending to the PIC24F.

      I was trying to do this with fewer button pushes. Just select the amount by pressing the Winbutton and then confirm by swiping card. But this approach just adds one more form with confirmation for each of the 4 different amounts. Really no big deal.

      Thank you.