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[String Font Styles] Why String Font is so poor?

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  • [String Font Styles] Why String Font is so poor?

    Hello guys,

    im Lucas, im from Brazil, i like so much your products, many of them i use to improve the products of my company, actually we are migrating all of our technology to TouchScree Technology. im using your uLCDs have more or less 1 year, developing products.

    I understand, you guys are improving each day more yours IDE, and the concept of Visi-Genie is great! The idea of agility the process of developing with easy blocks programs create a big oportunnity.

    But, i really dont understand why yours font go so poor when we use String Objects, because when i use StaticText, i dont see any problem with font, is exactly like in PC, but when i try to use String, the Font or Size go poor...
    Normaly, the problem is about the resolution of display, but the problem dont occurs when im using static text. So what the explanation?

    Is something im doing wrong? Its normal?

    thank you guys.
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    When you use static text you get a full 'image' of the text, so it is 'anti aliased' the same as Windows.

    When you use a string object the font is not anti-aliased and thus can appear a bit rough around the edges. The fonts need to be this way so that they can be dynamically drawn 'easily'