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uOLED-128-g2 and Teensy 3.1 : a never ending nightmare

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    Hi Tony

    If you look at the module, you will see the order goes RES, GND, RX, TX, 5V. If you look at the cable, it goes RES, GND, TX, RX, 5V.
    This is so when you plug the cable into your host, you know to put TX on the wire to TX on the host, etc. The cable swaps the labels.
    I assume you didnt look closely at the labels on the module, or the datasheet?
    Typically when you wire something up, looking at the labels of each device is something that should be done, especially when you are wiring up a device that the supplied cable was never intended to plug directly into (ie the Teensy). If you look at the Arduino Adaptor Shield, you will notice it matches the cable labels.
    At some point when you interface two serial systems, RX of one has to go to TX of the other. If the cables were labelled so RX and RX always aligned, then switching the cable ends would result in both ends being 'wrong'. I hope this makes sense.

    Either way, I am glad you now have it working