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USB PA5 random reset

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  • USB PA5 random reset

    I am using the PA5 USB to serial converter with FTDI driver
    Workshop4 just updated today to

    What I experience now is the display is reset at various intervals, ranging from ~10s to maybe 1 minut. Very annoying when you are using Workshop4 and want to test the software.
    What I also discovered was that if I have the comm port open by a terminal program for example, the display is not reset. I have tested workshops4 terminal and FoxTerm. As long I stay connected the display is not reset. As soon I close the terminal program the reset cycles again in random intervals.
    I have never seen this behavior before.

    Any of you smart guys that can explain this? And maybe even have a solution?

    One solution could be to have a check box in Workshop4 where you on a project basis could select whether to keep the port open after download of your code or close the port.

    I assume the DTR signal is left 'dangling' when the port is closed, and in a random pattern toggles shortly causing the display to reset. The display reset signal goes low for about 1 ms or so.

    Claus Knudsen.

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    Something on your computer is opening the com port and 'playing' with it.

    Have a look at this thread for some ideas about what it could be and how to, perhaps, identify the issue


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      Originally posted by ESPsupport View Post
      Something on your computer is opening the com port and 'playing' with it.
      Thank you for pointing me in the right direction - and also thank you for a very speedy response from you ;-)

      I recently changed to another smartphone, Sony, and it was Sonys PC Companion software that polled all the ports that are not opened at irregular intervals.

      Stop that program from running when you are developing software for displays!