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Finishing my project with sd card

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  • Finishing my project with sd card

    Hey guys, i built a nifty little holder for my screen and really only need it to do one thing to finish it. Its funny because I thought this would be the easiest part but I am stumped if its even possible now. My plan is to have an SD card with a single gif on it, and have it plugged into my ulcd-144-g2. The ultimate goal is so that whenever I power on the device, the sd card just loops that one gif over and over, but no matter what i do, i cant seem to get the .gif to play on it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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    Have look in File, Samples, Goldelox ViSi, VidImage.

    Delete the image and the code associate with the image, the pause(1000), change the video to be your gif and that should pretty much be it.