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Somes suggetions for Visi Genie Improve.

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  • Somes suggetions for Visi Genie Improve.


    I have some suggestions to improve Visi Genie Diablo:

    -Possibilty move WINBUTTON using command by host.(Now its possible to hide a buttom, this is very good, but imagine if you can re-size or move another one?)

    -Improve Font Quality for Strings.(When we use StaticText the quality of text is very good, but when we have to use string, the quality go so poor, imagine if you have 1 word and have to use multi-language, you will have to create another form only for change ONE word)

    -Change Text of WINBUTTON.(I understand the problems to do it, so you can allow 2 or 3 static texts for the button, and we can choose what one we want using a index, like sringObject do)

    -Scope, possibility add Static traces to Scoope. Like Interval Limits or somithing like it.


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    Hi thanks for your suggestions. Many of them are just not feasible in a no programming GUI that runs in kilobytes of memory, similarly, if implemented would take way too much memory for the benefit offered.

    You can use Genie Magic to move WinButtons, as they reside pregenerated on uSD they cannot be resized. Adding it to the core is not feasible as each object only has one thing that can be read and written.

    The fonts 'must' have pixels that are either on or off, no anti-aliasing is possible, I'm not sure how this can be described as 'so poor', maybe there are some fonts don't render that way well?

    'Blocked' user buttons can be used to create buttons with different text. You need to create each button yourself though. You could use Genie to create multiple buttons and then use GCI2BMP to converted the generated GCI back into BMPs for use in a UserButton.

    You could use Genie Magic to add a static trace to the scope.

    Also, much of what you are asking can be done in ViSi with a bit of coding ingenuity.