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Serial c Library for 128 g2 oled or ptu24

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  • Serial c Library for 128 g2 oled or ptu24

    Hello i wann use my 128 g2 oled or another ptu24 with my raspberry pi.
    Im hava c script Running for a bmp085 Pressure sensor and Want to display this Data

    But i cant find an example for an Start c script simple write hello on my display im beginner in c Language.
    I tried THE big demo example but for me to hard to Unterstand.

    It is maybe an simple question!

    Pls Need help to install the serial C Library and a simple Start script in c . Thanks

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    We don't have a library for that particular combination.

    Perhaps ask for help using C to communicate with the Serial port on one of the Pi forums.

    Then merge those results with what you can see serial commander sending and receiving.