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Has anyone gotten a uLCD-43 to work with the Teensy 3.1?

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    I have a Ulcd35dt connected serially to a teensy 3.2.
    They are speaking to each other at 115200 baud by way of visigenie. So far everything is working fine except that sometimes after I push the reset button they don't reconnect, the screen is unresponsive, the only way I have found to reestablish comm is to unplug the power to the teensy and reconnect. I have a pin on the teensy connected to the reset button on the display and I have the code in place to allow the display 3500 ms to restart. It doesn't matter what I do even if I allow 5000 ms, nothing seems to work. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for your help.


    • tonton81
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      if the reset is on the pin you must send a LOW then after a HIGH to reset, make sure those are set properly
      and teensy doesnt need any defines for visigenie, it runs "stock"

      the reset why unplugging it and putting back works is because of the reset logic with your pin. must be LOW then HIGH, only the shield uses HIGH, then LOW
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