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Compile problem using last Workshop IDE version

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  • Compile problem using last Workshop IDE version

    Hi to all.
    I installed the last version of IDE ( but it doesn't work when i try to compile a VISI project with a uLCD-70DT. With older version there wasn't problem but with this, the command "Compile" write in console "Compiling...." and IDE freeze forever. I tryed in 3 different PCs, with the same result. What can i do? I hope i have not to rewrite entire project because is complicated and i have hurry. Please help me

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    Can you use File, Zip project and attach it here? Or send it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au

    It looks like the compiler is looping or freezing up (task manager should be able to tell you which). If you use task manager to terminate the compiler then Workshop should 'come back'.

    There have been no changes to the compiler in the release, so maybe the problem is a recent change, or, since I don't know what Workshop version you were on before you upgraded, maybe a less recent change to the compiler is involved.


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      Thank you for fast reply.
      Now i send to you the zipped project.
      As you tell, if i terminate the compiler in task manager, then i come back, but without result.....
      Unfortunately i don't know the previous release now removed.....


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        Thanks for that.

        The compiler is getting stuck on the 'è' in the comment on line 454, not sure why yet, but at least that will get you going.

        Also, there's another change that will affect your code, here's the line from the change log

        Changed Variable 'disk' is no longer 'predefind' as it is not really needed. Either remove the 2 'disk:=' statements in current ViSi programs, or redefine it.

        We will look into fixing the 'è' issue in a future compiler release.



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          Thanks for reply.
          I modified the 'è' and now the compiler work fine!!!!
          Thanks a lot, now i can continue with my project
          Best regards