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  • Device not detected

    Have just purchased and received a uoled 128 g2 starter kit with the usb pa5 programming cable. Have installed everything as instructed. The usb port is opening all ok and I can see the comm port in Workshop, com 5. The device powers up ok off the usb so all good there. When I select com 5 and hit the red button and try to refresh it comes up with device not detected and the red button appears again. I have shutdown and started again etc but same issue. If i remove the usb cable the device disappears from Workshop. Plug it in again it appears again and can select it but same issue. I noticed someone else had a similar issue and it turned out to be the usb pa5 device. It looks to me that the tx and or rx from the usb to the display module may not be working.

    Can you please advise?

    Thanks, Peter

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    I worked it out. The cable was plugged on to the wrong set of five pins on the display. I used the instructions that came with the device that depicts how to plug the cable onto the device. The image is actually wrong compared to the device datasheet. You guys may want to look at this and update the image.