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Modify Object State from another form.

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  • ESPsupport
    Can you provide a small example of this?

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  • lucas4m4
    started a topic Modify Object State from another form.

    Modify Object State from another form.


    You press a button in form 3, and button from form 4 will be disable, it cause a bug, and the location in screen where is the button of form 4, will be "empty" in form 3. If update screen or change form, this space back to normal.

    I know, i can save state of this change in a variable and when i change for form 4 this state will "transfer" the information to button of form 4 and will be disable, but the problem is about speed,
    if i have to change much things in form, this changes will cause a delay(small), or will "blink" like updating the screen, so the idea is use the same concept of PC Program and update Object States before them show in the screen, i think this concept will aggregate much "fluid" on LCD.