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70DT touch is dead is seriial modewith Arduino DUE driving tru Serial.

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  • 70DT touch is dead is seriial modewith Arduino DUE driving tru Serial.

    New user here. Stared with Picaso powered 4.3" ad just acquired a DT7 for development of e new product. No problems with the Picaso . Diablo will not run the 'BigDemo' at all and when connected thru Serial2 there is zero response from touch. Same code that worked on the Picaso does not work on Diablo (touch commends are the same so far as I can tell). Switching to an Arduino MEGA had no effect . . same behavior.

    I can post code if needed, but it is simply set and get so there is not much to it. I am hoping it is something simple that I have overlooked.

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    The libraries are different between Picaso and Diablo, did you change the libraries in your code?


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      Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, I am using the Diablo library. To clarify what I meant by 'the same code' this would be having the Arduino talking to the processor using the respective library and issuing the same touch commands. Touch works with Picaso and not with Diablo.

      On the Diablo, the touch works with any of the utilities and also with VisiGenie generated code, so I know the hardware is OK. The only way I can get BigDemo (the Diablo version) to run is to strip it down to the comms and then add back in one function at a time. The FAT test always reports no files on the SD even though the test files are present. IF I run the media tests, the SD card is not only erased, but the formatting is gone. The function tests just cause a complete lockup. The touch test runs, but the touch is inactive.

      I am using Win7 Pro 64 bit on the computer, and have tried 1.6.3 and 1.6.5 of the Arduino IDE. The Genie library seems to be working OK, and I can get the SPE communicating and doing functions like text and basic graphics, but touch is dead using SPE on the Diablo.

      What I would really like to have is confirmation from someone that the touch works with the Diablo Arduino serial library and SPE. Or, confirmation that the Arduino Big Demo program works with Arduino. I don't want to waste a lot of time trying to get it to work if the Arduino serial interface is just broken. Everything works with Picaso.


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        Someone else will be able to verify Arduino and Diablo SPE, I am not set up to do that.

        But still there are a few odd things here.

        What brand of uSD card are you using?
        What PmmC version is on Diablo?
        What baud rate are you using?
        How are you powering the display?


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          Display powered with 5V DC from the computer power supply. Arduino and display fgr4ounds are bonded.

          PmmC is 1.7

          Baud rate is 200000

          SD card is the one that came with the display - not sure of brand. will check and repost. 4D SD checking utility says it's OK.

          New info . . . turned on error messages and very time use Get, times out.