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  • Goldelox_G2_R25.Pmmc

    I have designed my custom PCB for an Oled display using GOLDELOX. I have loaded the 'Goldelox_G2_R25.Pmmc' file into the Goldelox chip using the 'PmmC Loader'. I am trying to download a code into the Goldelox chip. However, I can not do it because 'Workshop 4' tells me the following:
    "Target incompatible.
    The source code has been compiled for a GOLDELOX
    The target platform GOLDELOX-GFX2 is incompatible.
    Please recompile with correct platform settings or use a Goldelox platform"
    I am using: "#platform "GOLDELOX"
    How can I download my codes into GOLDELOX with 'Goldelox_G2_R25.Pmmc'?
    "#platform GOLDELOX-GFX2" exist?
    Do 'Workshop 4' allow new hardwares with 4D systems chips?

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    You will need to create an entry in the Workshop SYSTEM.CFG for your device.

    Edit this file, which can be found in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE" folder

    The goldelox entries start about Line 45, the first one begins
    uOLED-96-G2, uOLED-96-G2, μOLED-96-G2, ......

    If you are only going to write Designer programs or use SPE anyone will do, otherwise pick the one that has a resolution closest to what your display has and copy the line.

    Change name in the 4th column to GOLDELOX-GFX2
    Change the name in the 2nd + 3rd columns to whatever you want to call your display.
    Save the file and restart Workshop.

    You should now be able to compile and load your program.


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      Thank you. Now I can download codes into GOLDELOX. I have added the following line un the file SYSTEM.CFG
      uOLED-176-G2, uOLED-176-G2, μOLED-176-G2, GOLDELOX-GFX2, GOLDELOX, Goldelox, 132, 176, 167, 242, 28, 40, L-PR-LR-P, PSG, PS, , JPSG,160x128, "1.7"" Display OLED Flexible"