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3.2PTU with a Pic18F1320 UART

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    Hi Brad,

    "All your app notes are entirely useless and dysfunctional for the XC8 code. Everything you were trying to do in them makes no sense in any way. Everything you were trying to do in them makes no sense in any way. "

    Did you encounter any compilation error to conclude that it was related to XC8 Compilers? The device used for the code is an 8-bit controller (18F45K20). The device (18F1320) that you are using is also an 8-bit controller. Also, according to the Microchip post on XC8 Compilers.

    "This compiler supports all known 8-bit PICĀ® MCU devices at the time of release."

    Application notes were made very simple/basic and as means of demonstrating the interaction between two devices These were not meant to be considered as the perfect reference for all applications. There are intricate details that should be referred to technical documentations.


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      There was nothing wrong on the PIC side or the XC8 side.

      I got help from the micro chip forum and as they said

      "Plainly whoever wrote it has NO IDEA how to work with PICs."

      Having sufficient app notes with proper example code would allow future customers who want to use this product with other pics to create an interactive screen would be a good idea.

      I can almost guarantee that the App note code never actually did what it was supposed to do