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  • Screen Brightness

    Is there a way to set the screen brightness via the command line?


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    Yes, its in the Datasheet.
    Section 6, under How To.

    Hope that helps


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      Perfect, thanks.


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        I am looking at the possibility of using the Armadillo module for (non-approved) aviation applications. However the screen needs to be sunlight readable so a brightness of more than 480 nits is required, a minimum is about 800 nits. For this low utilisation application it would be acceptable to reduce the 50% display brightness life figure of 25k hrs to say 5k hrs if the back-light power is increased. This should be a simple resistor change. Do you have data on display life versus back-light power input?


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          Hi bnsearle,

          Sorry to say but we do not have data for the display life vs back-light of the displays.

          We only have the Display endurance that you may already have seen =)

          Hours of operation is 20,000 hours when the display is 50% original brightness operating at 480 nits.

          There also cases where some users take risks when making customization on the displays such as overdriving, etc.

          Thank you and Regards,


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            Hi Bnsearle,

            We dont have information showing if you overdrive the LED's in the display by x mA then the life of the display will be reduced by y Hours. This data does not exist.
            If you are wanting to overdrive the display by giving it more current, then you will need to do the testing an experimentation yourself. Typical LED's run at 20mA, 25mA or 30mA, and can often be overdriven higher, sometimes significantly higher, however it will affect their life and also the amount of heat they give off. We however do not have this information to provide you, so it would be unwise for us to encourage this as increasing over the specifications will likely have unknown effects. You are welcome to try it at your own risk. You may get a higher output, but it may die very prematurely.

            Sorry we cannot be of much help here



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              Thank you, I can understand that 4D cannot endorse customers tweaking the hardware and possibly damaging the product. I will try experimenting with one of the uLCD 43 units that I am using and let you know the results, importantly the current drain and temperature of the screen. I don't know how to measure the screen brightness, but I can compare it with another product that claims 800 nits, which I have done already with a standard uLCD43, which was slightly less bright, but was definitely sunlight readable.