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  • Multiple languages

    Is there a preferred way to display and switch between multiple languages in application created with Workspace IDE?

    I would like to support at least 5 to 10 different languages.
    The only way I can think of now is to transmit different texts from a microcontroller via ViSi Genie protocol but how could I change the texts of buttons?
    Does anyone have examples how to handle different languages?

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    In Genie you can't change the text of buttons.

    The best idea is to have a strings object (in message mode) beside each button with each message in a different language. To change the language you change the index to the text (eg 0 for English, 1 for French, 2 for German, etc.) That way you controller doesn't even care what the text is, it just sends the language index to each string object.


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      Does this also work for UserImages? To display help information I had the idea to create images from the help PDF file.
      Or is there a way to display PDF files directly.


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        You could use user images, but you'd have to create them.

        Strings objects can be used in book mode, but it doesn't quite format like a word processor.