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uLCD32PTU communication with both UARTs using Visi-Genie

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  • uLCD32PTU communication with both UARTs using Visi-Genie

    How can we use both COM0 and COM1 at the same time? We are able to pick one of the other by going to the options -> Genie -> and selecting the com port, but we can't get both the ports to work at the same time. Our current baud rate is 200,000 and we are using PIC microcontroller for communication.

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    You can't get both to work at the same time.

    Not sure why that would be practical.

    How on earth would Genie know what to send events to?

    How would one 'master' know what the other master had 'done'?

    If you figure you can easily solve those issues then you could potentially have both working at once, but you will need to use 'Save as ViSi' and add the required code yourself.


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      We have an application where we use two boards to update the two gauges in a single display. Think of this as a dashboard for a car with different instruments. And some of the instruments are independent of one another and have their own serial interface. There is no need to send touch event messages back to the microcontrollers. All the touch events are handled within the Vise-Genie environment to change to different forms, etc. What would be the best way to do it?


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        You will need to use 'Save as Visi' to get to the source.

        You will then need to duplicate the coms stuff near the top of main and add a few flags to indicate which com port the input came from.

        Then a few more changes in the main part of the code to use the input from the expected port and respond to the port and it should work