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Workshop4 New Release, with Diablo SPE Support, plus more!

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  • Workshop4 New Release, with Diablo SPE Support, plus more!


    WS4 has been released which brings new features and fixes.
    Check out the News article about the changes, and then head on over to the Workshop4 Product Page and download the latest release

    From the Change Log:

    HTML Code:
    Added   Usd Tester tool to tools menu
    Added   Megabaud rates for Diablo Serial (requires 1.1 PmmC)
    Added   Picaso Serial 1.2 release.
    Added   Ability to change maxmimum string length in Genie
    Added   Ability to change com port in Genie.
    Added   Checks to ensure that only FAT formatted uSD cards can be used
    Fixed   Non-maximized Workshop on monitor that previously existed but no longer exists is 'invisible'
    Fixed   Crash if Genie and Vertical gauge and program has a certain complexity and is opened from explorer
    Fixed   Crash if Genie program with only a scope is 'copied'.
    Fixed   Rules for Short filename generation for systems that have it turned of 'written'.
    Added   New Picaso(R40) and Diablo(R11) PmmCs are shipped with this release, as well as a new display drivers all Diablo displays, as well, the Diablo and Picaso Internal functions manuals and the Genie reference manual have been updated.