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  • Slow Video Playback

    Video= 320x240, 30 fps, AVI.
    Frame Delay=33
    Timer Interval=33

    But, the video plays back in slow motion.
    Also, in the video converter, can't adjust
    the Output Width and Frame Delay (they
    seem fixed at one value).
    Lee Snook

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    The displays are not designed to play full motion video, for a Picaso display you can display about 650,000 pixels per second. If you need a higher frame rate you need to make the video smaller.

    Just where are you trying to alter the output width and frame delay and what are you trying to change it to?

    In general the frame delay is the 'minimum' delay, so if you have it set to 33ms and each frame takes 50ms to render there will be no 'additional' delay.


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      Thanks Mark,

      I was trying to change the frame rate and output width in the video converter.
      I changed these properties in the video object properties instead.
      Well, the bottom line is "Not full motion". OK
      Lee Snook