This codebase example shows how to read data from the serial port of a Goldelox display module, how to print the received data on the screen, and how to send the data back to the serial port. The attached videos show how the serial terminal utility in Workshop is used to communicate with the display module. Furthermore, the concept of buffered serial communication is illustrated. This example has two attached project files:
serialGBasic_R_1_0.4dg - the main project file for this codebase example
serialGBasic_R_1_01c.4dg - similar to serialGBasic_R_1_0.4dg, except that the contents of the buffer are shown


1. Compile any of the projects and upload the program to a uOLED-128-G2(or your target display).

2. The program should now run on the display module.

3. Use the serial terminal utility in Worskhop to talk to the display module. See the videos for more information.

Attached Files