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Where is documents of 4DPI-32.How to control directo

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  • Where is documents of 4DPI-32.How to control directo


    I am a freelance engineer of firmware.
    I get the new job from my customer, witch use the renesus's H8 microprocessor and 4DPI-32 module.
    My new job's main purpose is that connect H8 microprocessor and 4DPI-32 module.

    I want to know that how to control this device via SPI serial port,
    such as all commands, data format, display characters, line demo, etc etc etc....

    Does any one know the URL of the documents about such specification.

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    Sorry for the delay on this.

    We don't have any documentation as such, but everything is available in the source code provided, excluding the compression algorithm.
    If you download the source from the product page, you should take a look at the init routine, which calls other routines that deal with the SPI.
    This will enable you to use the screen on your microprocessor.

    Essentially you need:

    Look for commands that set the cursor to a pixel (a 'go to xy' type routine)
    Transfer blocks of data the same way as commands.

    I hope that is of some help.
    Typically we dont provide this information for anything as the modules are specifically designed for the PI, and how they work in detail is often not required. It would be best for you to take the source we provide, and use that to formulate what you need.